What’s in a name?

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My wife mentioned that I should consider naming the device. I think I have to agree. She wants to name it “Bob The Catapult” but personally I think any device that will be capable of throwing fire over 500 ft needs to have a female name. Thoughts? Could use some suggestions.

One of the things I had to think through was how to make the pivot point for the throwing arm. Bit of time staring at the shelves in Home Depot did the trick (TIP: Home Depot employees get *really* confused when they ask if they can help you find something and you tell them “catapult parts”).


Here’s what I came up with:


The pivot needs to fit snugly over 2″ PVC but provide a 90 degree adapter to throwing arm. The pivot also needs to rotate freely but without so much slop that it blows itself up. I ended up taking a 3″x3″x2″ T (middle of pic) as well as two 3″ to 2″ adapters (shown on each end of the “T”). I then dremeled out the adapters till the 2″ pipe could slide easily through it. The result is what you see above. I just need to glue the adapters into the “T” and this should work out quite nicely.

Device is getting taller and has more supports added in. I moved the winch to the other side so that the remote controls are easily accessible. I don’t want to be anywhere near this thing the first time I go for maximum thrust. ;-)

More later,





  1. Joe Prest says:

    OK. Wacky yet functional…. As to a good name for a fire goddess…here you go:

    Agnayi -Hindu goddess of fire

    Aibheaog -Irish Fire Goddess

    Aodh – Celtic Fire Goddess

    Arani – Hindu Goddess of Fire

    Brigit or Brighid – Irish Goddess worshipped in Celtic polytheism

    Caia Caecilia, also called Gaia Caecilia – Roman Goddess of Fire, the Hearth, Healing, and Women

    Chantico – Aztec Goddess of fires in the family hearth and volcanoes

    Freya- Norse Goddess of fire and the domestic arts

    Fuchi,-Japanese Goddess of fire

    Gabija – Lithuanian Goddess of fire and of the hearth

    Hestia – Greek Goddess of the hearth

    Ida- Hindu goddess of fire and devotion

    Itzpapalotl – Aztec Goddess of Fire and Birds

    Li- Chinese Goddess of the nourishing fire

    Mahuika – Maori fire Goddess

    Nantosuelta – Gaul Goddess of nature, the earth, fire, and fertility

    Oya – African Fire, Wind and Thunderbolt Goddess of the Yoruba Tribe

    Oynyena Maria – Polish ,”Fiery Mary,” a fire Goddess who assists and counsels the thunder God Piorun

    Pele – Hawaiian, the Goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes.

    Sekhmet – Egyptian Fire or Sun Goddess

    Stata Mater – Roman Goddess who protected against fires

    Vesta – Roman Goddess of sacred fire, the hearth, home, and family

  2. Chris says:

    Leave it to the creative musician to come up with a list of possible options! :)

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