Project 2: Potato cannon complete!

August 13th, 2011 by Chris Leave a reply »

Compared to the catapult, the potato cannon barely seemed like a project! Only took a few hours, in fact my wife completed the assembly while I focused on the beast.

The secret to a good potato cannon is getting a clean insertion that provides an air tight seal. Any air that can sneak by is air not propelling the potato further down the barrel. I tapered the top of the barrel so that the potato will get cut cleanly as its inserted in.

Here’s the full unit with a good proportion of scale.

And a close zoom on the ignition source.

I was thinking about taking the unit apart and wiring the activation switch to a remote box. This would permit me to build a console that had the kids feeling they we launching a ballistic missile. Given time constraints however, that project will have to wait.

Next step is to RTV the electrical components. Then I just need ammo and fuel to do a test firing!



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